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Potliners & Container Plants


We have been growing pot liners for many years, over this time our experience shows us of the many requirements needed to meet the demands of the customer. The details below tell you how we grow our present crops. Our liners are grown in a 9 or 10.5cm pot. The majority of the plants are moved from our 5cm potfree range. These well established plants only take a short time to become saleable in their pots.

All our plants are potted in a peat based mix incorporating wetting agent, slow release fertilizer with trace elements, bass fertilizer lime and a vine weevil control. This year we are incorporating locally produced green compost, coir and processed Miscanthus, all of which will be helping to reduce peat usage. 

Special mixes e.g. peat free can be accommodated if requested by the customer.

Many nurseries are now using what is known as compost tea. This acts as a disease suppressant and a nutritional feed. Applications to our crops will be made this year. Biological control of aphids, caterpillars, red spider and others are practiced on our site and has been for several years. We have a policy to reduce chemical applications as much as possible to help protect our environment.

Once potted plants are regularly pruned to produce a multi-stemmed plant. Where possible, plants are hardened off outside to encourage sturdier growth. We dispatch plants in several ways, by own transport, contracted transport or a collection can be made from our site.

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