Prebiotic Fibres



Intestinal health and a healthy gut flora are key to optimal nutrient absorption thus ensuring stable growth and wellbeing of animals. With inulin and oligofructose BENEO offers two highly functional prebiotic fibres for animal nutrition, which improve intestinal health and ensure the healthy upbringing of pets and livestock. Inulin and oligofructose occur in many plants. BENEO derives both from the chicory root.

  • Catering for optimal growth and performance
  • Enhancing resistance to bacterial diseases
  • Ensuring optimal gut flora and intestinal health
  • Improving nutrient absorption and feed efficiency
  • Supporting healthy ageing

  • Convincing through high stability
  • Ensuring high quality end-products
  • Featuring high solubility
  • Fulfilling the highest safety standards
  • Reducing toxic and malodorous waste

BENEO inulin and oligofructose can be used for the nutrition for young pets – from newborns up to puppies and kittens – as well as for mid-age and senior cats and dogs. They're equally suitable in starter feeds for young piglets and can contribute to the development of a healthy flora after weaning.

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