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The Profi Max Supreme Post Driver. The real heavyweight post driver weighing 1840 kg and up to 81.48 tonnes of impact force available.

  • Heavy-duty main frame 8mm wall thickness
  • Solid steel counterbalance for balance and stability
  • Solid steel hammer - 500 kgs
  • Side shift - 600 mm (24') travel. Extra heavy-duty double slide with backshift sandwiched between. Heavier cross section.
  • Backshift - 300mm (12') travel
  • Telescopic mast hitting height 3.350 m. Hammer travels full length of mast without any further manual or mechanical adjustment required. The telescopic mast has all the advantages of a tall fixed mast, offering maximum impact, and yet it is all in a tidy, compact telescopic design.
  • Independent hydraulic legs
  • Hydraulic top link with 45 tonne certified safety chain and check valve
  • Adjustable top link hitch point
  • Hydraulic mast tilt left and right with safety check valve
  • Post cap holds post while driving posts and ensures perfect alignment between post and mast when used in conjunction with side shift and backshift. Great aid to safety as enables hands-free driving. Heavier cap. Weld free design and slides on independent slide rails.
  • Top pulleys are self lub but greasable to keep out dust and moisture
  • Side shift and backshift have ample grease nipples for thorough lubrication
  • Wear pads - static and rotary wear pads fitted on side shift and backshift
  • Large floatation skids aid stability under all ground conditions
  • Parking leg for use when unhitched - see photo
  • 60 mm mast swivel pin.
  • Self-lube replaceable bearings. Superior spec as used in the construction industry. Seven times over the rated capacity required.

  • Tow bar
  • Tool boxes
  • Hammer weights

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