Pull Type Sprayers


Track width: Adjustable trail from 1,40 to 2,10 mtr. Chassis: 6 mm thick material, U-profile shape. Tires: Model traction 12.4 x 28, Optional: Double wheel mounting, 7,50 x 20. Main tank: New design, volume of 2.000 liters. Spraying boom: Spraying boom with automatic leveling adjustment and central suspension by accumulators to absolve shocks. The boom is equipped with skids to protect from impact on soil. 18 meters spraying boom, hydraulically operated.

Spraying circuit
UDOR RO 110membrane pump. Capacity of 110 ltr / min and maximum pressure of 20 bars. 
Manual 3 sections Arag command. Adjustable pressure and electronic engage switch. 
Command control panel with engage switch, pressure adjustment and pressure gauge. 
Command of constant pressure to assure agitation and best mix of the chemicals.
Arag hydraulic agitators with venturi system.
Arag chemical conductor, 20 liters volume with rinsing. 
Tee Jet spraying nozzles. 

Hydraulic circuit
Command valve for hydraulic boom folding and boom height to take to the cabin.

Marcador de espuma. Control de aplicación con monitor o computadora reguladora de caudal.

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