- Model EC - Liquid Fertilizer


PureGrade EC Liquid Fertilizer is the first liquid fertilizer to effectively mix with EC-based liquid pesticides. PureGrade EC contains the patented Nutra-Flo FlexEC compatibility agent that provides the benefits of trouble-free blending and convenient application of EC-based insecticides with North America's leading in-furrow starter fertilizer brand.

  • Low-Salt
  • Chloride-Free
  • Near Neutral pH
  • 100% Water Soluble
  • User Friendly
  • Low Rates per Acre
  • Will Not Rust Equipment

  • Allows growers to choose from a broad array of EC-based pesticides
  • Trouble-free blending of starter fertilizer and in-furrow insecticide
  • Convenient one-pass application saves time and money
  • Growers are able to provide nutrients to their crops while defending against pests

What is Nutra-Flo FlexEC Technology?

Nutra-Flo FlexEC technology compatibility agent that allows the blending of standard EC pesticides with liquid fertilizers.

  1. Call our Customer Support Team at 1-800-831-4815 to find your local dealer
  2. Order your preferred analysis of PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer pre-blended with the Nutra-Flo FlexEC technology. For example, order GoldStart 6-24-6 to be applied at 5 gallons per acre and the proper amount of FlexEC will be added at our plant.
  3. You choose the appropriate EC-based liquid insecticide with the PureGrade EC Liquid Fertilizer. Apply in-furrow during planting.
  4. Tank mix the liquid insecticide with the PureGrade EC Liquid Fertilizer.
  5. Apply in-furrow during planting.

Also, use PureGrade EC with EC-based liquid fungicides for foliar feeding.

Never use any pesticide in a manner that is inconsistent with its labeling instructions. Always consult the label and perform a Jar Test prior to purchase and application to check for compatibility issues.

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