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Quantum Blue is an enhanced E.Coli-derived phytase, developed for use in animal feeds. Quantum Blue will degrade the phytate found in plant-based ingredients, releasing phosphorus that would otherwise be unavailable. This will also facilitate the release of calcium (and other mineral) ions that would typically chelate and be bound to the phytate thus being unavailable for absorption.

Quantum Blue - a revolution in feed performanceOptimised for maximum phytate destruction, Quantum Blue unlocks more value for your business than any other phytase.

  • Greater phosphorus release
  • Unrivalled intrinsic thermostability
  • Proven additional feed efficiency value

Phytate anti-nutrient effects are estimated to cost up to $7 per tonne in lost performance. Currently, using phytase enzymes in feed saves the global poultry industry around $2 billion per year in feed costs. Removing the bulk of phytate from the diet could bring additional performance benefits and cost savings. Quantum Blue is optimised for phytate destruction. It delivers high and consistent activity at gastric pH, and reduces phytate even at low levels.

Quantum Blue breaks down phytate faster and gets to the site of action intact. This revolutionary product survives the rigors of feed processing. Trials conducted in commercial feed mills show excellent recovery of Quantum Blue because the product is intrinsically thermostable; it is not coated, which ensures that the enzyme is able to get to work quickly.

Quantum Blue delivers more phosphorus, more consistently. Quantum Blue has been shown to improve poultry feed conversion efficiency by 2-4 points, equating to a cost saving of approximately $4 - 6 per tonne of feed. Additional Quantum Blue reduces phytate anti-nutrient effects, delivering enhanced performance benefits. 

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