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- Model Calciphos - For Feed Suppliments



Compositon; Each 10 ml. contains: Calcium Gluconate : 2000mg. Calcium lactate : 10 mg. Calcium Phosphate : 100 mg. Vit-D3: 500 I.U. Vit-B12:20 mcg. Cobalt Chloride:10 mg. Ferric Ammonium Citrate:27.6 mg.


  • Provides optimum concentration of calcium.
  • Calcium is required for growth,bone formation and egg shell formation.
  • Iron is most essential for Haemoglobin synthesis
  • To increase milk production and to keep healthy during lactation.

Feeding Directions:

To be given daily through drinking water
Poultry for 100 birds

  • Chicks : 10ml
  • Grower & Broiler: 20ml
  • Layers : 50 ml
  • Sheep,Goats Calves and Pigs:25 ml
  • Cattle,Buffalo and Horse : 50 ml

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