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Ridge Ventilation for Barns



A good ventilation, as well as cow comfort, is one of the most important aspects in a free stall housing. In order to remove warm air an open ridge would be the best solution.

However the ridge is often situated on a place that makes it necessary to place a 'lean-to', so there is less chance that rain will enter the barn. Table ridge from GEA will take care of this protection as well as for the fact that air can leave the barn practically unhindered, even when there is hardly any wind.

  • The translucent skylight flanges are available in lengths of 90 and 125 cm
  • The flanges are patented and UV-resistant
  • Translucency approx. 85%, creating a light inlet up to a maximum width of 250 cm
  • Ideal to replace existing skylight ridges
  • Maximum width between the upper perlins 170/250 cm

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