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Ridging Plough for Graft Holding Mother Plant


This special ridging equipment is made up of adjustable components. The cutting assemblies are moved by hydraulic components through an Integrated system made up of 2 pumps, 2 motors, an approximately 70 1 oil tank and an oil cooler to avoid the oil overheating (maximum temperature: 65 degrees). It is secured to the tractor's three points and it is actuated through a universal joint that connects the pump to the tractor's 540 revolution PTO. The cutting assemblies rotate to produce very fine soil that is carried through adjustable carters to build a bank to protect nursery plants in general and that is especially suitable for the mother plant. This procedure enables the growth a number of new roots and therefore the plants take better after transplant. Necessay tractor powel: 70 Hp. Weight: 515 kg. Dimensions: 170x140 cm Height 170 cm.

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