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Regulate climate and temperature with the perfect combination of horizontal greenhouse shades and roll-up screen. We offer many types of both that vary in size, drive and material.  We created the Tower Roller Plus, a drive system for roll-up screens. Tower Roller Plus is the perfect drive for mid-size or large roll-up screen, rollable side vents and room separators.

Shading systems for every greenhouse type

Our shading systems fit every type of greenhouse regardless of size and function.
Our roll-up screens and greenhouse shades are used in:

  • production greenhouses
  • retail greenhouses
  • research and institutional greenhouses

Our experienced staff is ready to help you in choosing roll-up screen, greenhouse shades and all other components that best fit your needs. 

Roll-up screens for multiple purposes

Our roll-up screen provide a variety of functions in greenhouses, livestock facilities and other buildings including: 

  • sun protection
  • black out
  • protection of light emission containment for assimilation light
  • cool pad protection
  • wind protection
  • room separation

Roll-up screen can be installed in new greenhouse constructions, as well as existing greenhouses. They can be installed between purlins, saving costs and space. 

Functional shade cloth, suitable tubes, long life drives

You can choose from many types of shade cloth:

  • TGU roll up (open and closed): Closed shading for high energy saving purposes or less expensive open shading for medium energy saving needs
  • Rollscreen (55% and 66%): Open uncoated shade cloth for energy saving
  • FF/FR Trevira CS, Fiberfil: Flame retardant shade cloth without aluminium
  • Fiberfilm: Film coated fabrics for flexible side ventilation
  • Nocturna: Coated, black out cloth for darkening purposes
  • EcoScreen Outdoor: Rollable monofilament fabric

The roll-up screen tubes come in diameters of 50 or 63 mm. Depending on the size of the roll-up screen it is driven by a Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenstergear motor or a tubular motor. We offer both drive systems. 

Our fabrics are produced in our own weaving mill in the city of Greven, (near Münster) Germany. To supplement our product line, we add high-quality fabrics from national and international suppliers. We maintain the same high standards with our in-house products as those provided by other manufacturers.    

Specialists in greenhouse supplies and horticultural supplies

In addition to shading systems our products include a large selection of greenhouse supplies:

  • ventilation
  • mounting-systems
  • tools and aluminium profiles

For Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterhorticultural supplies we offer frost protection fabric, capillary mats, ground cover, burlap fabric, wovens, non-wovens, gardening clips, and many more functional tools for modern horticulture.

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