ROLLTRAP ® glue traps are manufactured using top quality materials. Its sticky glue favours quick, clean positioning and its bright colours lead to a higher number of insects caught. It must be positioned just above the plant and raised as the plant grows. The traps should be placed where there are larger numbers of harmful insects like doors or openings. The traps should be changed once they are completely full of insects.

  • 3 lengths: 100mm, 200mm, 400mm

  • 2 widths: 245mm, 263mm

  • Long-lasting dry/wet glue

  • Intense colours with high luminosity, obtaining a larger number of captures

  • Colours available: Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, White

Yellow: Whitefly, Olive fruit fly, Ceratitis Capitata
Light blue: Thrips
Dark blue: Thrips
Black: Tuta Absoluta
White: Common fly, Olive fruit fly and any lepidoptera. Special for livestock and farms

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