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Rolo Destorroador Compactor


The AGRIMEC a roller compactor has a chassis plate folded, rib lump breaking of angle rings, passantas axles and ball bearings self-compensated. With this project, managed to significantly increase their useful life with minimal maintenance. Coupled to the drawbar, can work with low-power tractors. It has adjustable weight through the water issue, possible to achieve optimal compression for each type of soil.

What a roller compactor AGRIMEC serves to break clods remaining railing and lightly compress the soil already planted, as we irrigated rice crops, soybean and bean. It serves in the formation of pastures to cover the seed, approaching the soil moisture and promoting an excellent seed germination.
Can also be used before planting, when the scrolling operation retains soil moisture and improves the performance of the planter.

Working width of up to 9000 mm

  • Can be used before and after planting;
  • Before: facilitates the work on uneven terrain;
  • After: increases contact with the soil seed;
  • In uneven terrain with a three hinged sections. In plots with decline, drag the soil by rain water is difficult, and the erosion by winds.

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