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DEUTZ-FAHR offers a complete range of rotary rakes, catering for everything from the small farm to medium to large businesses. Built with an extraordinarily stable and lightweight construction, DEUTZ-FAHR rotary rakes may be used to gather coarse forage with excellent results even with a small tractor. A choice of semi-mounted, mounted or towed versions is offered to respond to different needs.

SwatMaster CompactLine
The CompactLine rakes feature oil-immersed cam discs and guide rollers. Also, the tine arm bearings are fully lubricated, and hence absolutely maintenance-free. High-tensile tine arm holders and two bearings on either side of the driveshaft, provide the compact unit with strength and dependability. All SwatMaster rakes are fitted with curved tine arms, to ensure a regular and even swath formation. Additionally the curved shape prevents material from being pushed in the direction of the rotor and allows a higher lifting out of the swath.

SwatMaster 3221-3521-3922-4322
Single Rotor Rakes - CompactLine Gearbox - The Compact Range
For smaller raking operations, DEUTZ-FAHR offers several models designed for use on lower
horsepower tractors, whilst delivering similar raking performance compared to its higher
specification machines. With the pivoting three point linkage machines and also a trailed version, there is a model to suit any need, from lowland farmers, to the users working on steep hillsides. Working width of 3.2, 3.5, 3.9 and 4.3m are available. A pivoting 3-pt headstock ensures perfect ground following performance, and perfect tracking when cornering. Oscillation dampers are optionally available.

SwatMaster 7132 EVO – 7132 VARIO
Twin Rotor Side-Delivery Rakes - CompactLine Gearbox - Flexible Raking
The SwatMaster 7132 VARIO and 7132 EVO are designed for maximum flexibility for raking in different conditions. The twin rotors working independently from each other, makes it possible to collect either one large swath or two smaller swaths. Alternatively the rakes can place two large swaths into one, allowing a total of up to 12.5m crop to be gathered into one.

VARIO or EVO Specification
The VARIO version also offers the patented SideShift system as an option, which comprises electro-hydraulic control of all functions. A special feature that makes it possibility to sideshift both rotors – both front and the rear - from the tractor cab. With this patented system, raking along field boundaries or around trees is no problem - as the tractor can run at a safe distance from the obstacles. It is also possible to drive with the tractor on already raked ground.

There’s no need to remove tine arms: moving the rake to transport position only requires a simple operation on the control unit. The swath deflector is lifted hydraulically.

Completely maintenance- and wear-free ground following system. Quiet machine running due to automatic damping and wide track bogies with large wheels.

SwatMaster 6952 EVO – 6952 VARIO - 7242-7242 HYDRO-7642
Twin Rotor Side Delivery or Centre Swath Rakes - CompactLine Gearbox - Compact Design - High Performance
SwatMaster carrier frame rake are available in working width of 6.9, 7.2 and 7.6m and fitted with the CompactLine gearbox.

Unique Maneuverability
The rear carrier frame with controlled steering facility allows tight turns on headlands and
loss free swathing even in awkwardly shaped fields. When in headland position, the rakes show an outstanding lifting height of 45cm, preventing swath damage. The ability to make sharp turns up to 80° and the cross stabilizer in the headstock are unique SwatMaster features.

Adjustable Working Width
SwatMaster 7242 and 7642 offer hydraulically adjustable working width. This enables varying the swath width from 1.20-1.90m, ensuring a perfect match to the pick-up width of loader wagons, balers and foragers.

Hydro Version
SwatMaster 7242 is available in a Hydro version with hydraulically operated axles on the main
frame, in order to lift and lower the machine during transport and operation. This feature significantly reduces transport height by 40cm, allowing a transport height as low as 3.45m.

Up to 13.20m into One Swath
SwatMaster 6952 EVO and VARIO side delivery rakes are available with a working width of 6.90 m and will rakes up double swaths of up to 13.20 m. The VARIO model offers the possibility of raking two separate swaths.

Rotor Gearbox
SwatMaster ProLine
The ProLine rakes feature a unique drive system, which comprises oil-immersed pinion and crown wheels. The fully enclosed design ensures full and permanent lubrication, and makes the entire system absolutely maintenance-free. Our extensive experience guarantees well proven technology of the highest standard. The hardened cam track is adjustable and with an extremely large 400 mm diameter, giving positive guidance to the steel rotors and quiet machine running. All tine arms including housing are removed by simply removing 3 bolts. Fast and easy!

SwatMaster 4222-4622
Single Rotor Rakes - ProLine Gearbox - High Performance
The new Generation of SwatMaster ProLine single rotor rakes offer a new gearbox design with excellent working result. Features such as oscillation dampers, 4 wheel tandem axles and HydroLift height adjustment are hallmarks of the new single rotor rakes. Available in working widths of 4.2 and 4.6m.

HydroLift Concept
A unique feature of the SwatMaster 4222 and 4622 is the HydroLift concept. It is a hydraulic height adjustment system that allows the driver to quickly adjust working height to different ground conditions from the tractor cab. Infinitely variable cam track adjustment allows fine tuning, to obtain optimum raking and swath formation according to crop conditions. 

SwatMaster 7752-7842-8442-9042
Twin Rotor Side Delivery or Centre Swath Rakes - ProLine Gearbox - The Heavy Duty Rakes
With working widths of 7.7, 7.8m, 8.4m and 9.0m respectively, these heavy duty specification
rakes provide the swath formation capability to keep harvesting operations running at their optimum output. At the heart of all models is a heavy-duty rotor head system. Proven to perform year in, year out in heavy first cut crops, they are superbly engineered, with the crown wheel and pinion assembly running in a fully enclosed oil bath. The rear carrier frame with controlled steering facility gives this rake excellent track following characteristics, allowing tight turns on headlands and loss free swathing even iIn awkwardly shaped fields
Due to the Hydro axle SwatMaster 9042 Hydro has a transport height of less than 4.0m, even without detaching the tine arms.

Double Up on Efficiency
The SwatMaster 7752 double rotor rake delivers a working width of 7.70m. The side delivery concept adds excellent flexibility in swath formation and allows you to collect crop from a working width of up to 15m into one swath. 

SwatMaster 11042
Twin Rotor Centre Swath Rake - ProLine Gearbox - 11 m Working Power
SwatMaster 11042 - for the high performance segment, normally covered by more expensive four-rotor rakes. Easy operation, excellent maneuverability and a heavy duty design characterize this machine. Despite a working width of 11m, the rake is very compact and maneuverable in the field. Hydraulically adjustable working width/swath width can be set between 9.6 & 11m. In addition the SwatMaster 11042 is fitted hydraulic height adjustment of the rotors. SwatMaster 11042 is equipped with an operator’s box which includes all hydraulic functions of the machines. All functions can be pre-selected and then executed by operating the valve on the tractor. Even the transport lock is operated hydraulically.

TerraLink Quattro
SwatMaster 11042 is fitted with the TerraLink Quattro system, offering perfect ground contour followings. A unique combination of an undercarriage with 6 wheels, and a specially designed rotor suspension, ensures a superb raking performance, even at high forward speed and with big rotor diameter. 

SwatMaster 15042
Four Rotor Centre Swath Rake - ProLine Gearbox - 15m Working Width
SwatMaster 15042 with 15 m working width is designed for high output and heavy use. It is fitted with a total of 56 tine arms and 254 tines. Four rotors, each fitted with 13/15 tine arms and 4/5 tines per arm. The SwatMaster 15042 is fully ISOBUS 11783 compliant.

Optimal Ground Pressure at all Times
Hydraulic ground pressure control means constant and adjustable pressure on the rotors regardless of their position on the carrier frame. Free mobililty in three dimensions, combined with six steered twin wheels per rotor, give each rake head perfect ground following ability for the cleanest possible raking performance.

Adjustable Working Width
Raking width can be continuously varied on the move between 9.5m and 15m. Raking width can be matched to the density of crop to obtain an evenly shaped and equally wide swath over the full length. You can independently steer an outside rotor around an obstacle such as a pole or tree without having to change travel direction with the complete machine.

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