Row Crop Cultivator


Pull-type, 2 Point, and 3 Point Hitches Available. Proven No-Maintenance Nylon Bushings Eliminate Greasing. Single Shank Design Allows High-Speed Tillage in High-Residue conditions. Available in Various Spacings and Widths. 24″ rolling shields protect young plants from being covered while their rolling action makes it virtually impossible to plug. Floating discs are easily raised to storage position for taller crops. Double H parallel linkage feature nylon bushings with adjustable nuts to provide solid side to side stability and uniform up and down movement

  • Elmer’s unique floating cutaways, with 14″ discs and permanent depth bands, consistently cut 2″ deep in all conditions. Optional down pressure kits are available in heavy trash or hard soil conditions
  • Each gang has 6″ x 12″ gauge wheel easily adjusted with the hand depth crank. No tools required
  • Optional gang down pressure springs are available to give better penetration in hard soil conditions
  • Adjustable heavy duty guide markers make and clean guide furrows allowing precise guidance of the cultivator
  • The vertical mount S-tine with adjustable bar clamp allows for high speed tillage
  • Guide wheels are the key to accurate and controlled cultivation. Shown are the heavy duty steel guide wheels. Rubber or pneumatic guide wheels are recommended for use in rocky soil

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