- Model 7 - Seed Drill



The Saphir 7 mechanical seed drill offers medium-sized farms a reliable, high performance drill to meet high work demands during busy periods. The Saphir is versatile and can be combined with a variety of implements, such as the Zirkon power harrow or the Quarz compact cultivator, to gain optimum operating efficiency.

  • A spiked land wheel, maintenance-free cardan drive, and continuously variable oil bath gearbox guarantee simple, accurate seed metering. Precise adjustment for seed rates of 0,5 to 500 kg/ha is possible. The smooth running seeding shaft ensures accurate seed distribution in the row.
  • The new hexagonal seeding shaft with quick-change device makes it easy to change the seed wheel, providing optimum metering over a range of seed types.
  • Precise seed depth is achieved by the parallelogram-mounted Double Disc coulter with depth control wheel.
  • The standard Easytronic implement control system allows reliable, convenient control and monitoring of tramline function.
  • Available for mounting directly on a cultivator, on a power harrow or compact combination or as  as Saphir AutoLoad for three point linkage mounting, the Saphir has hopper volumes of 650 to 1,100 litres.

  • Electronic seed drill control Easytronic incl. automatic tramline mechanism, hectare counter and automatic user guidance for calibration
  • Intermediate plates (from Saphir 7/300 on)
  • Two-piece seed wheels »Conti Plus« (or one-piece seed wheels »Mono Plus« for peas up to 150 kg/ha or onepiece seed wheels »Mega Plus« for peas and beans more than 150 kg/ha)
  • Tramline mechanism 2 x 2 rows
  • Quick-change device for seed wheels
  • Stepless oil bath gearbox
  • Discharge wedges
  • Forward folding cover
  • Mechanic hopper level indicator
  • Drive wheel
  • Loading platform with steps

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