- Model 8 - Electric Seed Drill



The Saphir 8 is identical to the Saphir 7 mechanical seed drill except that the seeding shaft is electrically driven giving in-cab control of seed rate.

  • The electric seeding shaft drive provides accurate metering of a wide range of seed from 0,5 to 500 kg/ha. The seed rate is easily set by a single calibration procedure. 
  • The electric motor and job computer are located safely at the front of the drill. After initial calibration, seed rate can be easily adjusted, at the touch of a button on the Solitronic control box in the tractor cab. 
  • The Solitronic controls the rotation of the electrically driven seeding shaft. Additionally, it provides a warning when seed level is low, displays the forward speed, and records the area sown. An integral diagnostics system for troubleshooting, and ISOBUS and DGPS compatibility, complete the standard equipment. 
  • With Saphir 8 the spiked wheel is replaced by a rubber pulse wheel. As there is no need to transfer drive torque, this gives slip-free, accurate measurement of speed and distance travelled.

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