- Model Robusta Series - Pump Tank Wagon



The Robusta pump tank wagons can be supplied in manuring and transport models. The Robusta pump tank wagon can be delivered with 1, 2, 3 and 4 axle models. The tanks are fitted, as standard, with a rotary lobe pump in combination with a cutting filter for the pump. All tanks are fully fitted out. In addition, various options can be applied. The Robusta is a tank that distinguishes itself as regards quality. The tanks are full bath galvanized and then color sprayed. All components of the tank are of high quality and ensure a long life and low maintenance costs. The tanks have a self-supporting chassis which gives high stability and a comfortable ride.

Rotary lobe pump
Schuitemaker uses Börger rotary lobe pumps for the Robusta tank line. These 6m3 pumps are fitted with angled blocks as standard.     

Manure dosage - control box
The Robusta tanks are fitted with an 8 speed reduction gearbox which is used to regulate the dosage of the manure. The amount of manure delivered is dependent on the speed.     

A standard installation on all Schuitemaker Robusta tanks is a top pressure cylinder with a hand pump. The 2-axle and larger models also have a suspended drawbar fitted.

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