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Show Cattle Trailers

Don’t let the name confuse you; this is the most diverse trailer we build. Available in multiple widths, lengths and heights that will satisfy any of your hauling needs; the Elite Show Cattle Combo can be configured to meet a wide variety of uses to include cattle hauling, horse transportation or even a combination of both. The size of the tack room can be customized to fit your needs, straight or slant walls, from a small dressing room with saddle racks, bridle hooks and boot boxes to fully equipped living quarters. The stock area can be designed with adjustable gate rails and a side ramp for our customers that show cattle, pens & alley gates for those that show pigs, or slant walls and gates with rubber mats and tie rings for the horse person.

Regardless of the size of trailer that you choose, Elite Show Cattle Combo trailers are designed with both animal and human comfort, and safety in mind. Functional designs with the customized features you want for yourself and your animals. With a wide range of options, Elite can build a trailer that suits your specific needs.

From a distance, most trailers look alike; at Elite we invite you to look closely at our trailer to discover The Elite Difference.

Structure is the most important factor in building a trailer. Structure determines the longevity, durability, and usability of the trailer. To keep components working at a high level, the trailer foundation needs to be strong. Following are details to the Elite Structure.

  • Top Rail – Elite uses a 5” radius rail with an overall height of 8” and a material thickness of 3/16”. Integrated with a drip rail to help control streaking, and die lines that add to the look and also function as a guide for uniform placement of fasteners and lighting. Elite uses a continuous top rail piece on each side from the back to the front resulting in a much stronger, more attractive structure than those who use multiple pieces. The top rail is sanded after production to provide a uniform look and smoothness.
  • Bottom Rail – With a height of 9 ¾”, and a thickness of 3/16”, Elite’s bottom rail is the biggest in the industry. This engineered extrusion blends structural strength with an attractive appearance. The extrusion is built with an integrated lip that allows the running board to lock in place. Die lines add to the look and also function as a guide for uniform placement fasteners and lighting.
  • Drop Gusset – Welded one-piece gussets with 3/16” thickness adds structure to provide maximum nose strength.
  • Drop Wall – With a thickness of 3/16”, our drop wall is the industry’s heaviest. An engineered break on top and bottom adds strength and allows for a cleaner weld area to ensure against leakage.
  • Flooring – Elite’s floor structure consists of 4” I – Beams on 9 5/8” centers. I – Beams are 4” in height with an upper 2 ½” flange that is welded to the floor and a lower 3” flange that is welded to the bottom rail. Elite utilizes a  5052 marine grade sheet floor on top of the structure to provide longer lasting protection against corrosive factors such as horse or livestock urine. The seams and perimeter are welded out to add strength and insure against leakage.
  • Rear Frame – The rear frame is supported by a 2 ½” x 5” upper header up to a ¼” thick. For added strength, the rear frame side post is integrated through the floor into the bottom rail. The side rear frame posts are machine cut to provide a clean, precise fit allowing for a stronger welded structure, resulting in better fitting doors, improved seals, and less noise.
  • Aluminum Side Wall Construction – Elite engineers each trailer to produce the strongest side wall construction available. This provides our trailers with strength at critical structural points. Each trailer utilizes 6005 T6 aluminum alloy posts with 8” posts at the drop wall, 5” x 1 3/8” at doors and dividers, and 1 3/8” x 2 ½” for all other side wall structure posts. The exterior, 6063 aluminum interlocking extruded slat is .125 thick. The joints for the interlocking slat allow for a weld surface of up to 3” on the side post. Elite’s tongue and groove slat is designed to accept a smooth aluminum sheet, allowing for better seals, and reducing the chance of leakage. Selected for its excellent corrosive resistance, Elite’s exterior smooth sheets are a 3004 aluminum alloy with a H291 temper and thickness of up to .063.
  • Roof Construction – The Elite roof is constructed with 1” x 2 ½” posts that are strategically placed to ensure the maximum strength based on the size and needs of the trailer. The posts are arched to keep water from standing on the roof, producing a taut roof sheet and allowing for more head room in the center of the trailer. Elite’s one piece roof sheet is made of 3003 H16 aluminum and at .040 thick is 25% thicker than the roof sheet used by most other manufacturers.

Exclusive Elite components like our gates are engineered with heavy duty, proprietary extrusions and constructed for maximum strength. Utilizing welded hinges with brass fittings on our gates, Elite Trailers provides a stronger, safer, and quieter ride for your livestock. Other components such as our gate rails & slide gates have been developed to deliver long lasting operation and the best for ease of use. Elite Trailers researches it’s components insuring that the components will provide longevity, safety and reliability. Some manufacturers build specialized components without researching or testing that provide problems for the retail customer later. We don’t use our customers as research, we test product first to insure its use. The proof our component quality is shown in older Elite Trailers. When comparing other brands, look at trailers 5 years or older. You will see that the Elite Trailer is still as sound as the day it was bought. You can also be assured that Elite has not lessened the quality today, but has increased it’s quality. Then look at other brands for how their components have held up. You might be surprised! Elite uses only name brand tires that have been picked based on history of reliability and safety. Our trailers are engineered with accurate weights that give the retail customer the piece of mind that they can safely pull the trailer with the added weight of tack (including living quarters), horses, and options that could increase total weight. When comparing Elite to the competition, you will not see us cut costs by using under capacity tires or less quality tires.

Elite Trailers utilizes only the best construction methods for attaching structures & components. Solid core buck rivets are used to attach smooth side and roof sheets to the trailer. This rivet allows for a tighter, more compressed fit eliminating skin movement and leakage. This method is stronger and more durable than other methods such as tape, glue, or hollow core rivets. Elite utilizes huck fasteners with stainless caps due to its strength & longevity versus nuts & bolts that can loosen over time. There are multiple steps that Elite makes to ensure the welds are of the highest quality and strength. From tumbling and cleaning raw materials to using CNC technology to ensure proper fit and tolerances of materials, Elite’s welds are cleaner, stronger, and are more durable than our competition.

Elite Trailers goes beyond our competition with fit and finish. The welds throughout the trailer are unmatched. Components are sanded or tumbled to provide smooth touch without edges. In areas that caulk is used, it is applied to coordinate the product and done with great care not to take away from the trailer appearance. All trailers with a tack or dressing rooms are leak detected before it is called complete.

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