FPM Agromehanika AD

Side-Shift Rotary Tillers



Side-shift rotary tillers fall in the category of light-weight rotary tillers and are designed for primary and secondary tillage in crop farming, truck farming, fruit growing and viticulture. Due to the capacity for right-hand side shifting, this type of rotary tiller enables working the soil in close proximity to a plant, without any danger of tractor damaging the branches, leafs or other parts of the plant. These machines are available in two classes: B35 (for easier operating conditions) and B55 (for medium-duty use).

  • Side movement
  • Low fuel consumption and suitability for low powered tractors due to the optimal design
  • High quality of the blades
  • High reliability

  • Working depth adjustment by means of side sliders.
  • Side-shifting mechanism.
  • Chain drive transmission in oil bath.
  • Special shape of the rotor blades and their helical positioning ensure efficient soil pulverisation with maximum energy efficiency.
  • Rear hood position setting adjusts the level of soil pulverisation.

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