Bomford Turner Ltd

- Sila-Bed Mower



The Bomford Sila-Bed distributes the material for bedding quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. Available with 300 degree swivel chute or new side chute option for faster delivery of silage. The Sila-Bed's reversible conveyor is driven from a hydraulic motor through a chain drive. The blade-carrying rotor and paddle-turbine are shaft driven by the two speed gearbox. The straw is delivered into the rotor blades, cut and fed through the adjustable bale separators which pneumatically separate the strands before powerfully delivering the bedding materials to the required areas. The robust construction of the Bomford Sila-Bed ensures years of trouble free service whilst the pneumatic design produces maximum capillary action in the straw which results in excellent absorption and therefore longer bedding life.

  • 84 to168 Blades

  • Adjustable Feed Times

  • 300 Deg Chute handling

  • Side Chute Option

  • Electronic Proportional Controls

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