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Redrock trailers are designed and built to operate in the most demanding of agricultural environments. Superior design techniques are applied to all aspects of the trailers from a strong and stable chassis to the tough, modern body. Grain and silage trailers range from 10.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes in capacity. All trailers are fitted as standard with a sprung drawbar, hydraulic brakes, handbrake, front inspection ladder and LED light. All models are available on either springs or oscillating tandem bogies complete with bronze bushes for longer life. All bogie axles have an off-centre hinge point, which places less weight onto the front tandem wheels and reduces wheel scrub and facilitates superior travel in wet conditions, all of which make the Redrock trailer the smoothest trailer to toe behind a tractor.

Redrock trailers are fitted with high speed commercial axles as standard with 420 x 180 brakes giving approx 50% braking efficiency. The Road Vehicles (construction and use) Regulations 1986 requires trailers to have a minimum of 25% braking efficiency at speeds up to 32KPH. Above 32KPH, the braking efficiency is 45% and failsafe brakes or ABS should be fitted.

  • Silage kits
  • Grain chutes
  • Roll over covers
  • Hydraulic grain door
  • Hydraulic silage gates
  • Air and hydraulic brakes
  • ABS braking system
  • Load sensing on sprung axles
  • Various wheel options

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