- Model 8 and 10 - Field Sprayer



The Sirius field sprayer offers a high capacity for the larger farmer or contractor. A close-coupled design means large tank volumes can be used in a mounted format. In this way, Sirius combines the output of a trailed machine, with the convenience of a mounted machine.

  • Sirius is available with tank volumes of 900 to 1,900 litres. An integrated baffle ensures a high degree of safety whilst driving on the road and simple cleaning of the system.
  • The compact design with an optimised centre of gravity provides stability and convenient road transport.  
  • The HE (HorizontalExtend) boom with package folding is available in 12 and 15 metres working width.
  • For working widths from 15 to 30 metres the Sirius 10 can be equipped with the new fully hydraulic SEH ­(SectionExtend) rear-folding boom. The new rectangular profile provides more stability and sufficient space for larger nozzle bodies. With a width of less than 2,50 metres when folded, the machine is safe and easy to transport on the road.
  • The QuickConnect top link coupling system enables safe and quick attachment of the Sirius field sprayers to the tractor.
  • The Sirius 8 is operated with the electrical remote control LEMKEN ­Easyspray. The Sirius 10 sprayer is controlled  with the LEMKEN ­Ecospray computer. IT‘s functions can be widele expanded by additional components such as Teejet Matrix Automatic for the automatic switching of width sections or EcoControl with joysticks.

  • LEMKEN Easyspray as electronic operation unit for 5 - 9 width sections with toggle switches
  • Basic operation spraying boom: hydraulic height adjustment and symmetrical folding via separate spool valves
  • Digital pressure indication
  • Integrated tank baffle
  • Piston diaphragm pump 150 litres/min capacity
  • Clean water tank 160 litres
  • Water canister for hand washing 20 litres
  • Self-cleaning pressure filter
  • External filling connection GEKA coupling for main tank and clean water tank
  • Filling connection for pump with Kamlok-coupling 2“
  • Filling via injector
  • Single lever operation within the suction and pressure side
  • Indirect level indicator
  • Chemical inductor with canister rinsing and Proflow nozzle within the drain off
  • Tank internal cleaning
  • Agitator regulation
  • PTO shaft
  • Width section valves with pressure balancing device
  • Circulation up to the valves of the width sections at the central unit
  • Without spraying boom
  • Without nozzles

From now on LEMKEN introduce two new options that significantly increase the ease of operation of the Sirius field sprayer. The ­EcoControl unit enables the operator to control all hydraulic functions of the sprayer via two joysticks which can be mounted in a convenient location in the cab. All boom adjustments, including folding, are permanently available via the joysticks, without the need to refer to the menu screen on the main control box, As a result of this, it is easier to make boom adjustments, such as tilt and height, whilst on the move.

  • The EcoControl unit is directly connected to the Ecospray Terminal and requires a constant oil flow from the tractor via the spool valve or load sensing system. Any Sirius sprayer, which is fitted with an Ecospray computer, can be upgraded to EcoControl. 
  • The second new LEMKEN option, Teejet Matrix 570G, offers a track guidance system with monitor that, combined with the Ecospray computer, provides a number of important functions. The field shape is recorded during the first full pass around the headland. After that, the Matrix system automatically controls the boom sections to ensure application in irregular or wedge shaped fields is optimised. Matrix features a DGPS signal corrected with EGNOS which means a precision of +/- 30 cm.
  • Equipped with a camera, the track guidance system combines a live image with graphical guiding lines on the screen, enabling the driver to easily follow them. The track guidance can handle straight lines, curves, circles as well as the last leg of the field. 
  • The Matrix terminal is connected to the Ecospray computer via a CANBUS interface and provides an USB port. Thus the application summary can be saved as pdf file and used in further applications, GPS data can be exported to “kml“ or “shape“ files enabling an import to Google Earth and graphic display.
  • The Matrix track guidance system comes with GPS Antenna, attachment, and Ecospray connection cable. The Matrix terminal can also used without the connected Ecospray computer as parallel driving assistance e.g. with cultivators or fertiliser spreaders.

QuickConnect, the automatic top link coupling system from ­LEMKEN, combines two important benefits, which have been mutually exclusive with all tractor coupling systems in the past. Firstly, QuickConnect provides enough space between tractor and machine for the easy and safe connection of services such as PTO shaft, pipes, cables and top links. Secondly, the innovative coupling system moves the machine closer to the tractor, than has been possible before, allowing larger machines to be lifted by lighter tractors, without loss of stability.

Simple, fast and safely connected 

  • With QuickConnect, the tractor is first reversed to the machine leaving enough space for the driver to dismount and connect hoses, cables and PTO shaft. Other connection procedures are then completed from the safety of the tractor seat. As the tractor is reversed fully toward the machine, the intelligent coupling system automatically locks the top link into place, leaving the driver to focus on attaching the lower lift hooks. 
  • The equipment is disconnected from the tractor just as easily by following the above steps in reverse order. The driver unlocks the top and bottom link from his seat and then drives the tractor forward to allow enough space to disconnect all connecting elements quickly and easily from the ground. 

Shorter connection and disconnection times

  • Thanks to the QuickConnect system, the operator no longer has to lift heavy parts such as A-frames onto the tractor’s three-point linkage system. Furthermore, the driver does not have to leave the cabin after connecting the equipment, for example to raise the attachment for transport, resulting in reduced connection and disconnection times.
  • LEMKEN’s innovative top link coupling system is particularly useful for field sprayers, which require a close connection due to their high weight. The result is a more stable tractor even with reduced front ballast.

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