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Small Rice/Paddy/Wheat Reaper Binder


EMAIL: WEBSITE: Whatsapp:+86 15038394010 This small harvester is mainly used for harvesting/cutting paddy, wheat, weed which is very convenient for farming. It is equipped with the wider diameter tires, so it can be widely applicable in the plain, mountain, hilly areas, upland, sloping field, patch etc.

The Small rice/wheat combine harvester machine is a kind of multi-functional combine harvester, which has been granted the national patent, independently developed by the company through learning advanced technology home and abroad as well as combining its own development experience. The Small rice combine harvester is mainly used for harvesting rice grain and wheat grain; It is special suit for hills and mountains or areas where general combined harvesters can not enter in, very convenience for the farming. We supply two kinds of small rice harveters: walking-type small rice harvester and driving-type small rice harvester. And the walking-type small rice harvester includes rubber-wheel tyre harvester and trangular-belt tyre harvester these two types; the driving-type small rice harvester includes rubber-wheel tyre harvester and iron-wheel tyre harvester these two types.All farming machines at:

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