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- Model AU82C-SF - Water Drinker Bowl



Flow Rate; Super Flow, 22Lpm - 5.8 US gpm. Solid Brass Valve Body; Durable Solid Brass Construction. Stainless steel spring and urethane washer inside the valve body can be replaced if needed. Stainless steel valve body option available where required for treated water.

  • Fresh Water
    Multiple bowl and valve combinations and sizes are available to provide as much water as your animals need, yet at the same time, limit the amount that sits in the bowl when they are not drinking. That way, the water is fresh and clean. Hydrator’s high flow valves are available in 9 different sizes, depending on the model and size of the bowl. Valves are available in different flow capacities to accommodate different supply line pressures.
  • Animal Safety
    All of our Hydrator heavy duty poly bowls have smooth, curved surfaces. Each bowl is tested to United States, Canadian or European applicable standards.
  • Cast Iron
    Rugged bowl is made of black enamelled cast iron and can be counted on for many years of reliable livestock watering.
  • Workmanship
    We take pride in our workmanship, our heavy-duty, impact resistant polyethylene bowls are tough. Our poly is thicker than the competition. Water is released into the bowl by nudging the coloured cylindrical nylon nose “paddle” in any direction, so animals learn quickly. All our products are covered by our 5yr workmanship warranty.

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