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- Model True TDR-315H - Soil Water-Temperature-BEC Sensor


The TDR-315H soil water content sensor is the replacement to the former Acclima TDR-315 and TDR-315L. It is fully compatible with those sensors but incorporates several improvements. It is a complete integrated time domain reflectometer that combines ultra-fast waveform generating and digitizing functions with a precision 5 pico-second resolution time base and highly sophisticated waveform digitizing and analyzing firmware that provides true time domain analysis of soil-propagated waveforms. Its form factor is designed for shallower horizontal installations where it is forced into the sidewall of a trench that has been dug to the desired measurement depth.

A probe guide is provided to insure that the waveguide rods are parallel when pushing them into the soil. Its main improvements over the 315L are its faster rise time, its shaped incident wave, its lower power consumption and its very fast response time. Its rise time is as fast as the TDR-315 but its power consumption is much lower than the TDR-315 and its price is also lower. Its interface is SDI-12 and is compatible with any data recorder that is compliant with SDI-12 version 1.4.

  • 3-element 15 cm stainless steel waveguide
  • 10 m 3-conductor waterproof cable
  • Waterproof Epoxy-filled Housing
  • 20% to 80% Incident Wave Rise Time: 150 ps
  • Waveform Digitizing Resolution: 5 ps

  • Volumetric Water Content: 0% to 100%
  • Medium Permittivity: 1 to 80
  • Medium Bulk Electrical Conductivity: 0 to 5000 μS/cm
  • Medium Temperature:  -40 to +60 degrees C
  • Pore Water EC (Hilhorst Model): 0 to 55000 μS/cm

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