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The SprayNPK range of liquid fertilizers are concentrated foliar nutrient solutions that offer farmers convenience and efficiency in managing the nutrition of their soils and crops. These products are tailor made by our technical and operational team from a range of ingredients in combination with some organic and biological ingredient additives. 

SprayNPK products are designed for application in broad acre and horticultural situations. SprayNPK foliar fertilizers can be used on a wide range of crops including cereals, pasture, deciduous fruit and nut trees, wine and table grapes, olives, citrus, berry fruit and row crops such as vegetables, tomatoes and corns.

Foliar fertilizer can assist to increase chlorophyll production and photosynthesis in the leaves, thereby stimulating increased uptake of nutrients from the plant rootzone, in response to increased need for water by the leaf.

Over the years trace element foliar nutrient applications have been found to be up to 10 times more effective in treating nutrient deficiencies and supply plant requirements.
SprayNPK foliar fertilizers integrate the latest formulation technology to provide a quick method to supply nutrients required for productive development and to overcome existing nutrient deficiencies

  • 100% Plant Available Nutrients saving time with mixing and reducing OH&S risks.
  • Offer consistent uniform blends which are not subject to segregation issues associated with solid fertilizer products. This assists in achieving even spatial distribution of applied nutrients to your crops.
  • Products that contain trace elements are chelated where required for efficient plant uptake.
  • Can be tailored (custom blended) to specific plant deficiencies and crop requirements.
  • Are designed to multi task nutrient requirements, saving time, labour and cost, whilst enhancing uptake and benefit to target crop.
  • Supported by a skilled technical and agronomy team.
  • Rapidly expanding product range, responding to customer and plant requirements.

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