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- Low Salt, Chloride free Fertilizers


The SpringSTART products from SLTEC offer a family of low salt, chloride free fertilizers designed primarily to assist your crop to get off to a strong healthy start and to assist in lifting yield and quality. Healthy seedlings are also better able to resist adverse weather conditions, disease and insect pressure. These products can be banded into the soil, 2 – 5cm below the seed / seedling at or around the time of planting.SpringSTART fertilizers can be used on row crops such as vegetables and corn to supplement plant nutrient requirements. These products may also be applied using fertigation and directed soil sprays to crops such as deciduous fruit and nut trees, grapes, olives and citrus.

  • A range of NPK & micro nutrient blends
  • ZERO chloride
  • Low salt index
  • 100% plant available solutions (not suspensions)
  • Custom blends for specific crop and soil needs
  • Humic acid & other additives where required
  • 1000 L shuttle or true bulk delivery to farm services
  • On farm storage and fertigation injection advice
  • Experienced agronomy & technical support

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