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- Model 320, 3000 S and 3800 S - Disc Harrows


Disc harrow is a well-known, powerful basic harrowing machine. Both the method and the Hankmo brand go back 100 years.Hankmo’s sharp blades penetrate the soil effortlessly without tamping the soil, unlike plate disk harrows or disc cultivators. The blades break, crush, mix and move the soil while allowing the soil to move sideways without tamping it.

Starmixer-Hankmo advantages are for example.

  • Simple, durable structure
  • Easy to maintain, low maintenance Easily accessible lubrication points
  • Very powerful. Recommended driving speed for Hankmo is 12-15km/h, covering finished surfaceof 9ha/hour with 6.4m working width
  • Small tractive resistance and smaller unit weight compared to a plate disk harrow

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