- Liquid Fertilizer


High yield programs begin with PureGrade Starter Fertilizer applied at planting time. Once placed near the seed, essential nutrients go right to work powering young seedlings towards maximum production. PureGrade Starter Fertilizers are field proven, trouble-free, and completely safe for young seedlings.

  • 100% Water Soluble
  • Low Salt Index
  • Chloride-Free
  • Neutral pH
  • Resists Corrosion

  • Starts Seeds in Cold Soils – Applying a PureGrade Starter Fertilizer provides an immediate supply of N-P-K to overcome slow growth and stunting caused by cold soils, harsh weather and poor soil conditions.
  • Reduces Nutrient Stratification – Banding PureGrade Starter Fertilizer during planting puts nutrients under the soil surface in a concentrated band, promoting deeper and healthier root systems.
  • Reduces Weed Pressure – PureGrade Starter Fertilizer in a subsurface band fertilizes the crop — not the weeds. A Nutra-Flo starter fertilizer promotes even emergence and faster, earlier growth to rapidly form a canopy that shades weeds and slows their growth.
  • Increases Fertilizer Efficiency – Applying a PureGrade Starter Fertilizer at planting time is the most efficient way to fertilize high-yield crops: fertilizer tie-up is reduced, nutrients are more positionally available, and denitrification is minimized.
  • Produces Drier Crops – PureGrade Starter Fertilizer stimulates quick advancement through the growth stages producing faster maturing and drier crops at harvest. University research indicates corn fertilized with a liquid starter can be one to two points drier.
  • Increases Yields – Using a PureGrade Starter Fertilizer is the most efficient way to fertilize crops. In a University of Nebraska test, applying liquid starter on corn generated 24 bushels more per acre than broadcast.

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