Neville Welding Inc.

Steel Grain Trailer


New 25,000# axles - outboard drum - hub piloted. Your choice of 14 gauge corrugated (vertical or horizontal) sides. 14 gauge sheet metal hopper for durability. Seamless hopper corners for optimum grain flow. 23' high hopper clearance for rough terrain. Teflon guides on traps for easy opening doors. Aluminum front and rear ladders. New 2 speed 50,000# landing legs - for easy hook-up (loaded or unloaded). Shur-Lok or Agricover roll tarp in your choice of colors. Enclosed ends with unitized corners. New steel radial Goodyear 314 Unicircle recap tires in your choice of size. Automatic slack adjusters. Overall low height of 9' 7' from ground to top of tarp bows. Cleaned with environmentally friendly 'green' cleaner, coated with rust preventative primer, underside protected with Gaterhyde (bedliner), outside of body covered with three coats urethane topcoat. Sealed wiring harness with lights and reflective tape. Anti-skid brake system.

  • New tires
  • Side chutes for easy auger dumping
  • Sight windows
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Front and rear aluminum catwalks
  • Double ridge straps
  • Electric tarp system (with or without remote)
  • Electric trap openers
  • 2-speed gear reducer on trap doors
  • 4' lift package to accommodate an air-seeder
  • Aluminum wheets
  • High sides
  • Single or tandem axle converter dollies allow trailer to be pulled as a pup
  • Rear pintle hitch allows trailer to be used as a lead trailer in a set of doubles

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