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- Model Orbit 880 - Aquaculture Sensor System



Orbit 880 offers a comprehensive range of environmental data for your facility, measuring both oxygen, temperature, salinity, conductivity, depth and sea current, both magnitude and direction. As an option, it can be fitted with a winch, enabling measurements from several depths. The system will automatically and repeatedly position the sensor station on the desired depths. Through our network solutions, a secure access to this infor­mation is is available through the internet, with username and password, to any standard computer without the need of extra software. Our philosophy is to give the farmer reliable, accu­rate and user friendly tools for taking the right decisions – every time.

Monitoring the environment
There are considerable variations in the environment in and around the cages at a fish farm. Steinsvik has developed a range of sensors enabling the farmer to see the whole picture of the environment at the farm.

We believe that the most important position to monitor, is where the fish actually are. That is why we have built in oxygen and temperature sensors in our cameras, giving the fish farmer direct and continuous readings in the video image. Oxygen sensors, temperature, depth and compass can even be fitted in old cameras.

We also supply standalone oxygen/temperature sensors for fixed positions in or outside the cage. The readings for this external sensor is displayed as a table next to the images in the NeoVision software. All our oxygen sensors have readouts for both satura­tion (%) and mg/l.

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