Straight Shot Furrow Fittings



Each Rebounder has the option of allowing liquid fertilizer or chemical to be applied in various locations to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you want to split the fertilizer or place it directly on the seed, we have many options for you to choose from. Ear size and bushels are determined early on in the developmental cycle. Adding fertilizer in-furrow is a simple way to give the crop an added boost in its earliest stage of development. Even soybean yields can be increased with in-furrow fertilizer application. As much as five bushels per acre have been reported from farmers using in-furrow fertilizer fittings with the Rebounder.

As the Rebounder places the seeds in the bottom of the furrow, the Straight Shot places fertilizer or inoculants directly on the seed from under the Rebounder.

It works very well on planter or drills that have press wheels that run on or in the furrow.

The Straight Shot will keep the fertilizer from caking up on the press wheel. It also prevents mud build up on the press tires and reduces debris getting caught up under it.

  • Places liquid directly on the seed from under the Rebounder
  • Lower profile design
  • Keeps liquid off wheels and discs
  • Secured with metal plate
  • Works with planters and drills
  • Optional Bullet Check Valve - stops the flow of liquid at end of Y when pump is shut off
Benefits of the Straight Shot
  • Fertilizer, insecticide, or inoculants are applied with the seed from under the Rebounder
  • Keeps liquid off wheels and discs
  • Eliminates mud build up on press wheels
  • Mounts in same spot as the “y” from the Y-Not Split-It Kit
  • Lower profile design
  • Secured in place with metal plate and screws
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to install
  • Only $6 for the kit + S&H
Bullet Check Valves

Bullet check valves are optional with the Straight Shot. They allow pressure and stop the flow of liquid directly above the Straight Shot when the fertilizer pump is shut off.

If using bullet check valves, you may want to install the Straight Shot kit shown in this picture.

Important points to remember when using bullet check valves:
  • All fertilizer must be filtered before it goes into any check valve. Filtering will prevent the check valve from sticking open or closed.
  • All systems must be thoroughly washed and/or blown out at the end of the planting season to prevent crystals in the lines. This will help prevent the check valves from becoming plugged for next planting season.

  • Affordable - 1/2 the price of the spoked closing wheels
  • Closes the seed V opening ahead of the press wheels
  • Eliminates air pockets for better seed/soil contact
  • Poly discs are herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer resistant
  • Poly discs are resistant to mud build up
  • Works well in all soil types
  • Easy to assemble and install - only 10 minutes per row!
  • New heavy duty triple seal bearings that turn easily
  • Reduced down pressure on press wheels = less compaction
  • Models available for most planters

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