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Sugar Beet Hoe


The 'Einbock' Front and Rear Mounted Sugar Beet Hoes are built to suit a high specification and are competetively priced. Built on a very strong toolbar, with each parallelogram locked onto the toolbar, both top and bottom. Each parallelogram has replaceable bushes for all the nuts and bolts and the centre spindle. They also have individual height adjustment. The Vibrotine Tines are usually fitted with 3 x A. Hoe blades per row. 2 x L. Hoe blades and 1 x A. Hoe blades for each row is available at no extra cost when they are ordered with a new machine. Also available as an optional extra are Garford Camera Hoe systems. 6, 12 and 15 rows with crop deflector guards from £7,800 to £19,000. 18 row Rear Mounted Sugar Beet Hoes are also available but are not road legal in the U.K as the folded width is 4.80m.

Price: 01553 828083
Brand: Einbock
Weight: 0.00 KGS

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