MRC Sales & Service, Inc.

MRC Sales & Service, Inc.

Superb Energy Miser Grain Dryers

The PATENTED Moisture Equalizer System maintains grain quality by moving the hottest and driest grain through the dryer faster for greater drying uniformity and less over-drying of the grain.  Other brand dryers over- dry the inside of the column and under dry the outside and then mix together at the end.  Superb dryers dry all the grain more uniformly for the best grain quality and consistency of product!


The Superb Full Flame burner with stainless steel baffles provides a generous square footage of flame surface and distributes heat evenly to the grain over the entire dryer. Using a shorter flame, this fuel-efficient burner burns cleanly and provides uniform plenum temperatures to help maintain top grain quality. This commercial style burner is used on EVERY Superb grain dryer no matter how big or small.

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