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T-L is a major manufacturer of hydraulically powered pivot irrigation systems that undergo thousands of hours of product research and testing for quality and performance. T-L’s hydrostatic drive offers many features not available on electric pivots. Unlike the stop-and-go action of electric models, each tower on a T-L system move continuously. This is especially beneficial on low-pressure systems where uniform water application is critical for irrigation-applied fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. Chances of a T-L tower getting stuck are reduced because of the improved traction that continuously movement provides on wet, rough terrain. A constant, smooth rate of travel also reduces wear on all drive components, while eliminating the wasteful power surge required to get a stopped tower moving again.

T-L systems have different management systems such as Manual Speed and Direction Control, T-L Precision Point Control II, T-L Point Control, TVC Pivot Manager and T-L Remote Monitor.
You can choose from two types of hydrostatic drives: worm gear or planetary. Both offer continuous movement and have no exposed moving parts. T-L planetary and worm gears are totally enclosed and they are coupled directly to the hydraulic motor, eliminating a center drive gear.

T-L systems maintain alignment through the use of a simple hydraulic spool valve. The alignment system moves the spool valve, metering the required hydraulic fluid flow for each tower maintaining continuous movement and alignment with the end tower. Maintenance free, the valve spool is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. If a tower gets stuck or seriously misaligned, the valve will bypass hydraulic fluid through a return line to the pump, stopping the system and preventing major damage. Sensors shut down watering simultaneously with the system.

T-L towers feature a heavy-duty pipe base and four vertical angle iron tower supports as a welded and dip-galvanized structure. The T-L system features an extra tough external flex-joint, designed to withstand uneven and rolling terrain. Heavy-duty galvanized rods with truss tabs notched before welding allow for uniform stress on the truss rod connection. T-L begins with heavy-duty steel mainline pipe, truss rods and tower structures. All are galvanized in T-L’s own modern facility to ensure uniform quality. T-L has options for any field, any crop, such as: auto end gun booster, auto end gun shutoff, automatic reverse, position stop, choice of pipe materials and sizes, tire options.
T-L – Safety, dependability and ease of maintenance.

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