- Anti-Hail Photoselective Nets



Tenax Iridium is a new range of anti-hail nets acting on plant growth, modifying the quality and the quantity of the available light. Tenax Iridium is based on a reliable technology, very stable and durable. Each color has different and specific characteristics that provide positive results in interaction with species, varieties and cultivation environment. Through the action of Tenax Iridium we have a better photosynthetic activity of the plant than crops under the traditional net, with improvements in the yield and the fruit quality; in some specific applications it is possible to obtain more compact plants.

  • It improves the quality and the fruit size
  • It works actively in the protection of crops from adverse weather such as hail, wind, thermal shocks and cold
  • It involves a greater development of the plants at fast-increase while grown in nursery

  • Manufactured with special additives and pigments to emphasize photoselectivity and tolerance to UV radiation, to ensure more durability;
  • Side and central selvages to enforce rigidity and tear resistance against the wind and the hail;
  • Lightweight and easy to spread.

Research And Development
The experience gained in last years of application in on field has attracted the interest of experimental illustrious institutions: 'Università Politecnica delle Marche' Faculty of Agriculture and CReSO (Piemonte Region), with whom Agritenax has agreements concerning research, testing and counseling to provide its customers with a valid scientific support.

The results obtained have allowed the development and introduction on the market of IRIDIUM technology to the major organizations of Italians producers.

  • Tenax Iridium is suitable for cultivation of fruit plants such as kiwifruit, plum, peach, pear, apple, apricot, grapes, nursery plants growing.

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