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Thymus Coccineus

A stunning groundcover that needs no improving on. Tiny and delicate looking foliage is actually really tough. Provides brilliant colour for the garden, hanging over pots and walls, between pavers or as a lawn. Use in cooking as well. Plant in full sun. 10cm x 40cm

A low growing perennial groundcover with tiny leaves.


Masses of tiny magenta- pink flowers cover this delightful groundcover.


A true groundcover only reaching 10cm high, and will spread to approximately 40cm across.

Growing Conditions:

Thyme likes to be planted in full sun. This encourages more flowers and attractive, tight foliage. If in shade the Thyme tends to ‘open up’ and be a bit leggier. Thyme prefer dry or well drained soil as over watering can lead to root rot which is one of the main reasons for Thyme not doing well.


Requires little care and yet performs consistently and strongly. A light trim after flowering will keep it tidy and under control. If you have used it as a lawn or between pavers you can set the lawn mower and carefully mow over them.


  • As a lawn alternative or for between pavers.
  • A neat container plant to hang over the edges.
  • A colourful groundcover and as a part of the vegetable or herb garden. Nearly any variety of Thyme can be used when a recipe asks for it.


This truly is a stunning groundcover that needs no improving on. The sheer mass of colour in spring is amazing and it looks after itself. A deserving plant for nearly any garden situation, plant with other hardy and colourful perennials for a wonderful spring display. A great weed suppressing plant as well.

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