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Timber-Handling Grapples



Chosen by the timber industry to make lighter work of yard tasks and give greater handling control, our Timber Handling Grapples are available in four different designs; each capable of improving a variety of loading and sorting operations.

Type A – Unloading grapple
The unloading grapple has short, rounded tines, making it easier to fill the grapple when unloading a vehicle. Long, straight tines could damage both the timber and the vehicle if used for this purpose.

Type B – Sorting grapple
The sorting grapple has relatively long and straight tines that can slide along the ground so that the grapple can be well filled when loading from stacks and sorting bunkers.

Type C – general purpose grapple
The general purpose grapple is an all-round grapple for handling and sorting entire trees or for gripping single stems. It has longer tines than the sorting grapple. Also available in a wide version specifically designed for handling tree-length stems.

Type D – tropical timber grapple
The tropical timber grapple is very wide with two separate clamping arms to hold large, heavy items securely. Principally intended for handling large diameter and high density tropical type timbers

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