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Tower Garden - Aeroponic Technology


The Tower Garden is a patented vertical aeroponic food production system designed for urban farms, rooftop gardens, residential use, and commercial growing operations. Because of its vertical design, the system is space and energy efficient.

The basic Tower Garden unit has a 2.5' x 2.5' footprint, and uses modular stackable growing pots. You can grow up to 44 plants per commercial tower, and up to 28 plants per residential tower.

Tower Garden technology recycles 100% of the nutrient solution. It uses up to 95% less water as compared with conventional organic farming and uses up to 90% less land by growing vertically - all without the use of any harmful chemicals.

The patented vertical aeroponic Tower Garden technology is made from some of the best food grade plastic available on earth. The plastic is FDA food grade compliant and free of harmful components commonly found in today's agriculture-grade plastics. Additionally, the Tower Garden product was designed for decades of use! The plastic is several times thicker than almost all hydroponic products available on the market today. The plastic is also completely opaque, keeping all sunlight out (which naturally inhibits algae growth), and is UV stabilized for outdoor protection.

Seeds for the Tower Garden are started in natural rock fiber seeding cubes. After germination, the cubes are placed in full light for a week or two, where they can develop into hardy seedlings ready to transplant into the Tower Garden.

The Tower Garden has a reservoir at its base. This reservoir stores the ionic mineral nutrient solution. Inside the reservoir is a small, low wattage submersible pump. The pump draws the nutrient solution up through the center of each pot all the way to the top of the Tower Garden.

From there, the nutrient solution drips through a special device that evenly cascades the nutrient solution over the plant roots. On the journey down the tower, the nutrient solution feeds the plants' roots and becomes highly oxygenated as gravity tumbles it back down to the reservoir.

This Process 's continually repeated, providing fresh oxygen, water, and nutrients to the roots of the plants. And as an extra added benefit, there is a beautiful & relaxing water fountain sound! Because of the design of the Tower Garden system, the crops grow much faster than they would in soil, and are harvested on a regular basis!

It took support from leading world experts in plant and human nutrition to develop the proprietary aeroponic plant food used in the Tower Garden. This nutrient plant food is the world's first high performance ionic mineral solution specifically designed for all types of food and flowering crops. The pH balanced blend of natural plant nutrients help stimulate plant roots, flowers, fruits, and leaves. Unlike conventional hydroponic fertilizers, these natural nutrients can be used to grow everything from gourmet lettuce and edible flowers to beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes.

Aeroponic technology, combined with the natural ionic mineral plant food, simply provides better tasting, more nutritious, faster growing, chemical-free plants. Tnis produce is highly sought after at local restaurants and farmers markets, and can attain a premium price due to its superior quality. The Tower Garden technology allows anyone to start a farm or home garden virtually anywhere — even rooftops — providing local, fresh, nutritious, chemical free, healthy produce to urban communities.

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