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Whole body of the tractor safety cabin is manufactured from shaped and thick-walled profiles and pipes rolled specifically. It complies with the standards.  Safety and ergonomic measures of the cabin comply with EEV and ISO standards.  Cabin chassis, roof and all parts that we manufacture were designed on 3D Computer Assisted Design programs.It is a safety and comfort cabin that we have developed for New Holland, MF and John Deere brand tractors.

It is designed no to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the tractors and not to effect the mud guard balance. 
All parts and materials consisting the tractor safety cabins are first class and quality certified materials.  Conformity of all materials with the product was tested and audited by expert personnel. 
Front, back and side windows of tractor safety cages are manufactured as convertible.  All glasses are secured auto-glasses and they are colored.  Front and back glasses are buffered and locked.  Side glasses are opened and locked with opening-locking handles.  Rear windows are opened completely to provide convenient use of the equipment at the back and toe-bar adjusting handle.  Side glasses may be opened half to provide sufficient aeration in the cabin.  Knee-guard glasses are demountable. 
Roof paneling of the cabin is manufactured from sound and heat isolated fabric material.  Spaces for easy installation of tape recorder and speakers are prepared on trim coating of the roof. 
It has a very strong ventilation and heater blower fan.  Heater is on the front side of the roof.  A metal cap covered by thermoform holds the heater vents, fuse box and lightened control switches.  The filter part which was placed on back side of the roof provides this fan to absorb the clean air and have a strong air blowing capacity. 
Headlights installed on front side of the roof provides a strong lightning and visual drift at night.  This is a great advantage for night operations. There are some features such as lighter, tape recorder, fuse box, inner lightening lamp and torpedo space inside of ÖZDUMAN tractor safety cabins.
ÖZDUMAN safety cabins are comfortable and safe.

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