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Trailed Orchard Sprayer


EMAIL: WEBSITE: www.farming-machine.compp whatsapp:+86 15038394010 This trailed orchard sprayer is a kind of air-assisted spraying machine with adjustable spraying effect, high efficiency and stable performance. It is can be used for most fruit trees pesticide spraying.

Trailed Orchard Sprayer Features

1.Double-wheel design, easy movement and high stability.
2.Employ imported nozzle, good atomization effect, uniform droplets, high penetrability; and employ maintenance-free ceramic plunger pump.
3.Air-assisted spraying by the equipped fans, flipping the fruit tree leaves and sprinkling pesticide onto the both sides of the leaves, good spraying effect; sending the pesticide to inside of the crown.
4.It completes spraying from bottom to top and the leaves back gets the spraying first, which leads good foliage dressing, because the experiment shows that the leaves back has better absorption than the leaves front.

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