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Transportable Liquid Oxygen Tank



It is now possible to maximise the benefits of your bulk liquid oxygen, by using it for transporting fish. Up until now, transportable liquid oxygen tanks have been available in large sizes, for use on large lorries, dedicated to the transport of fish. The technology has been proved over many years. This small transportable liquid oxygen tank has been developed for use on pick-ups and trailers. This means that it can be fitted to the vehicle, when required, allowing the vehicle to be used for other purposes.


Normally, oxygen bottles are used, but to use them is expensive and labour-intensive. In addition, they are heavy, and it is often impossible to carry spares to cover traffic jams and delays. In recent years, many fish farmers have bulk tanks of liquid oxygen to supply their farm. As a result, it is now possible to save time and money with the new small oxygen tank!

The new oxygen tank has a volume of 60 litres (equivalent to approximately 51 m3/5 big oxygen bottles). It is easy to fill this tank from the bulk tank at the fish farm. The cost savings are such that the investment in the tank system is soon paid for.

Then you can forget the annoyance of buying, changing and transporting oxygen bottles!
The potential savings are considerable, as in this working example: Assuming a cost of 25 € to fill an oxygen bottle (50 l/200 bar = 10 m3) and a purchase price of 0.15 € per kg for liquid oxygen, the net saving is more than 100 € every time the tank is filled!

The new oxygen tank is supplied complete with the mechanism for filling (2.5 m filling tube) and it can be bolted to the truck. Naturally, the tank is certified for road transport (German TÜV). The tank insulating vacuum is guaranteed for 24 months.

  • Holding capacity 60 l
  • Height 105 cm
  • Diameter ca. 50 cm
  • Weight empty 46 kg
  • Weight filled 120 kg
  • Operating pressure 6 bar
  • Working pressure 4 bar

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