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The underground tree anchoring system was first developed by Platipus in 1983. A comprehensive range of kits and installation tools are available to provide above and below ground anchoring for standard and semi-mature tree transplants up to 20m high. Continuous innovation and development of high quality specialist tree anchoring solutions including deadman, roof gardens and palm tree applications Landscape Architects and Designers specify Platipus because we offer: A proven track record over 25 years, Security & stability for the trees, Technical support & specification guidance, CPD style presentations & demonstrations. Landscape Contractors use Platipus because we offer: Affordable solutions, Fast & easy installation, On-site training & support, High quality engineered products & installation tools.

The Platipus rootball fixing system, including Plati- Mat, remains the preferred method of securing rootballed and containerised semi-mature trees. The ease of installation and lack of unsightly guy wires makes it the first choice of customers.

Over the past two decades, we have developed an extensive range of unique underground fixing solutions to suit most applications.

The Plati-Mat allows secure positioning of newly transplanted trees, whilst offering major benefits over traditional root support systems.

Available in five standard sizes, the Plati-Mat can be tailored to suit most rootball dimensions. This significant development allows faster installation and provides a greater contact surface area at the top of the rootballed or container grown tree.

The benefits include:

  • Planting at the nursery line
  • Reduced overall installation time
  • More secure fixing creating better establishment
  • No unsightly stakes or timber above ground
  • Suitable for most rootballed and containerised stock

We are happy to discuss and recommend rootball fixing kits for particular applications and soil conditions. The following chart applies to most tree transplants.

Designed to satisfy the requirements of a specialist market, deadman systems have enabled Platipus to offer effective solutions for planting in difficult urban environments, where services may be a problem.

The systems use kerbstones or sleepers as anchor points and providing that the soil placed on top of the kerbstones or sleepers has been well compacted before placing the tree in the pit, the systems offer a fast and efficient method of securing rootball trees up to 12 metres high.

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