Yamawagon tricycle is your economical solution for the easy and comfortable transportation of smaller or greater loads. Despite it being equipped with only three wheels, its performance with great loads is exceptional even in areas difficult to access, with stability and confidence. It is fairly economical in its basic version and available for multiple uses, depending on the needs, a fact that renders it ideal for professionals but also affordable for those amateurs who seek to acquire professional equipment. Yamawagon tricycle is the only tricycle cart able to turn in situ, since the wheel can rotate around its axle. Ideal for works such as the harvesting of olives, spraying, removing stones, weeding, transporting wood, harvesting of grapes and fertilizing. It is also ideal for checks and greenhouses on level or inclined ground.

  • Type: Self-propelled transport cart
  • Transmission: 0x3(trailer), 2x3 (wheel engagement system)
  • Speed: up to 4 Km/h
  • Net weight (kg): 80
  • Maximum payload (kg): 300
  • Dimensions: (length x width x height) 163 x 84 x 94 cm
  • Wheels: 4.00 - 10 (basic version)
  • Low voltage generator: 12-27Volt , 55-100A (optional)
  • Spraying system: Manual or automatic spraying (optional)
  • Loading wagon bed: Flat platform (basic version)
  • Interior load platform dimensions:
  • (length x width x height) 1120 x 710 x 30 mm
  • Body depth: 30mm, bulwark 300mm (optional)
  • Tipping system: Not available
  • Gearbox: Forward (basic version) / Also available with reverse
  • Engine: Subaru 6Hp (other options available)
  • Starting system: Automatic hand starter
  • Fuel: Unleaded petrol

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