- Model RL20 Series - Reel Mower


The RL20 Reel Mower is the classic California Trimmer commercial-quality mower fitted with a 20″ blade. As with every California Trimmer we’ve made throughout the decades, you’ll find it is made with precision design and quality craftsmanship, resulting in ultimate mowing performance. And for an even greater degree of cutting precision, California Trimmers come equipped with either a 5- or 7-blade configuration depending on your type of grass and mowing preferences.

California Trimmer reel mowers will provide you with a healthy lawn that has the look of a finely manicured golf green. Reel-type mowers cut like a pair of scissors – the blades of grass are cut between the moving reel and a stationery cutter bar that sits along the bottom front edge of the frame – unlike a standard rotary mower which tears and rips the grass, removing nutrients and causing browns spots, rough growth and thatch. The clean, precise cut from a reel mower allows your lawn to better retain moisture and nutrients, resulting in healthy growth and less maintenance.


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