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An extremely compact, versatile and universal minimum till short disc harrow. With an optimal operation speed of 10-16km/h and an effective working depth of 4-12 cm, the desired results will be achieved.

No of Discs: 24
HP/kw: 110/81
Hitch Cat: 2/3

Also available in 2.5, 4.0, 5.0m machines.
6.0m Machines available but only as trailed models

Crumbler Types Available (for all machine sizes)

RT = Front with cylinder shaped crumbler 400mm, Rear with Torpedo crumbler 400mm
N = Nova Roll with rear levelling tines
R5 = Cylinder shaped crumbler 500mm
RF = Double crumblers 400mm cylinder plane
TF = Trapeze - Farmflex tyred crumbler with rear tines
RP = Angle ring packer

Optional Equipment available at extra charge

Hydraulic disc stagger setting (only for 3m models).
Drill machine attachment (only possible with frame)
1 pair height adjustable side plates. Complete pneumatic equipment for brake operation. Braking axle for the assembly of a pneumatic brake.
Warning signs and lighting.

Price: 01553 828083
Brand: Einbock
Weight: 1,850.00 KGS

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