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Muddy River

- Model 5500 - Pull-Type Fertilizer Spreader


Stainless Steel Booms: Designed for commercial rental operations, Valmar’s 5500 Pull-Type self levelling booms feature extra strong all stainless steel construction with break-away boom tips for added protection. The standard unit comes with a 40 ft. boom, while the Row Crop uses a 36 ft. boom. An optional kit is available to extend the Row Crop boom to 38 ft. The booms fold manually.

1000 RPM P.T.O. Fan Drive

  • The 5500 PT fan is driven by a 1000 RPM power take off system. The constant velocity drive shaft is 13?8 in. diameter 21 spline and is equipped with an over-running clutch to prevent damage from sudden disengagement of the tractor PTO system. An optional 13?4 in. 20 spline shaft is available.

Ground Driven Metering System

  • A hydraulically engaged metering system provides consistent application rates regardless of ground speed. Either side can be manually disengaged for 1?2 width application.

Extremely Accurate Metering Gearbox

  • The mechanical gearbox uses 60 different gear ratios for metering rates at 5% increments. Rates as low as 4 lb./acre for herbicide application and as high as 400 lbs. of fertilizer/acre at 5 MPH. A bulk density scale is supplied to help match your fertilizer blend to the application rate charts.

Hydraulic Drive Metering

  • The 5500 PT metering can be adapted for hydraulic drive for V.R.T. applications.

Apply Herbicides or Small Seeds

  • With an optional kit, the 5500 PT can accurately apply small seeds or herbicide at low rates, something that is not possible with a spinner type spreader. The kit consists of two, 28 groove metering rollers and a fan intake reducer.

Ideal for Row Crop Application

  • Tandem walking beam axles are standard on both models. The Row Crop unit is equipped with narrow tires and a 36 ft. boom for application in 36 in. rows.

Optional Marking Systems

  • Select from a mechanical disc marker or a Simpson SKS foam marker.
  • Roll Tarp Included
  • All 5500 Pull-Types come with roll tarp installed.
  • Optional Hopper Screen
  • Keeps out foreign material.
  • Hydraulic Drive Options:

Hydraulic Drive Metering

  • A complete Rawson or Raven system can be supplied for customers interested in variable rate applications. Or a basic drive can be installed including a hydraulic motor only, for the customer to complete with a system of their choice. Does not include radar, servo valve, encoders, controller/monitor, cables etc.

Hydraulic Fan Drive

  • Valmar offers an optional hydraulic fan drive. This option uses a belt drive with a 32 CC hydraulic motor requiring 23 gal./min. hydraulic flow operating at 1885 PSI which is within the capability of many of today’s higher capacity tractors.

Single Axle Option

  • Features a single axle with 12 ply, 550/60-22.5 flotation tires at 90 in. center to center. Avoids the skidding associated with tandem axles when turning.

Airflo 5500 pull-type specifications:

  • Hopper
  • 170 cu. ft.
  • 1 piece, 409 stainless steel construction with 2 component epoxy primer and 2 component cross linked acrylic top coat paint system
  • Hopper bottom shut-off slide panels
  • Roll tarp installed


  • Available in 40 ft. or 36 ft. spread
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Break away boom tips
  • 2.5 in. diameter tubes
  • 6 deflectors per side
  • Manual fold
  • Self levelling

Metering System

  • 304 stainless metering bottoms with 6 outlets per side
  • 304 stainless steel, self cleaning metering rollers
  • Manual half width shut-off on either side
  • Rates up to 500 lb./acre at 5 MPH down to 5 lb./acre with optional small seed and herbicide kit
  • Ground drive
  • Hydraulically engaged
  • 60 speed gearbox with 5% between settings
  • Hydraulic metering drive options
  • A basic drive supplied with hydraulic motor only for completion by customer with system of their choice – does not include radar, servo valve, encoders, controller/monitor, cables etc.
  • A Rawson AccuRate Drive complete with hydraulic lines that is compatible with many of today’s GPS systems
  • A complete Raven System such as Viper Pro, Envizio Pro® or SCS 660


  • 20 in. impeller
  • 2-5 in. fan outlets
  • PTO fan drive|
  • 1000 RPM CV driveline, 13?8 in. – 21T spline
  • 19:4.12 pulley drive ratio
  • 4 band belt with spring loaded idler tensioner
  • Optional hydraulic fan drive
  • 32 CC motor requires 23 GPM operating at 1885 PSI
  • 3/4 in. hydraulic lines
  • 3/4 in. couplers recommended
  • 30 in. water column manifold pressure
  • Case drain required
  • 6.9:4.12 pulley drive ratio


  • Requires 1 remote to engage metering system
  • Requires 2nd remote for optional hydraulic boom fold
  • Requires additional remotes for optional hydraulic drives for fan and/or metering


  • Tandem walking beam
  • Adjustable axle width with available tires: 16.5L x 16.1 (81-99 in.) or 9.00 x 20 (72-90 in.)
  • 2.5 in. axles with 6 bolt hubs
  • Single axle
  • 550/60-22.5 tires/12 ply at 90 in. center to center
  • Tire Dimensions – width 550 mm (21.7 in.)/OD – 1238 mm (48.7 in.)
  • 2.75 in. axles with 8 bolt hubs


  • Herbicide kit includes 1 set of 28 groove metering rollers and fan intake reducer for metering finer products and lower rates
  • Foam or disc marking systems
  • Extension kit to extend 36 ft. boom to a 38 ft. spread
  • Hydraulic boom fold
  • Hopper screen assembly

Dimensions/Shipping Information

  • Height: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Width: 8 ft. 6 in. (9 ft. 2 in. with single axle)
  • Length: 17 ft. 3 in.
  • Weight: 4360 lb.

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