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The Venlo greenhouse is your guarantee of a highly flexible solution, making it possible to realise just about any type of project. This greenhouse benefits from an optimised steel substructure and a high quality aluminium decking and gable system. The Venlo greenhouse can be supplied with all manner of energy saving technology, including double glazing, synthetic plates, single or double screen installations and hostalite strips. For as we all agree, the undeniable maxim is: more light equals more production. There are numerous possibilities to maximise penetration of light into a greenhouse. The latest generation of glass for example now allows between 90 to 96 percent of light to pass. The steel substructure can also be specified in a white finish.

This greenhouse model is available in the following standard sizes:

  • 6,40 m. (2 x 3,20 m.)
  • 8,00 m. (2 x 4,00 m.)
  • 9,60 m. (3 x 3,20 m. or 2 x 4,80 m.)
  • 12,00 m. (3 x 4,00 m.)
  • 12,80 m. (3 x 4,27 m.)

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