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Versatile Dairy System


Milk cooling typically accounts for 38% of the electricity costs on a dairy farm and the greatest potential to reduce these costs is in maximising pre-cooling. After years of development, the new Versatile Dairy System is now a patented product proven to cool milk faster and much more efficiently than conventional plate coolers. The resulting energy cost savings are astonishing with proven reductions in energy costs of up to 40%. In the past, plate coolers were generally bought on the basis that the bigger they are the better they will work but, on-farm testing has shown that this is not always the case. Milk leaving the cow was generally cooled from 35oC to around 22oC with anyone getting temperatures down to 18oC deemed to be doing well.

The Versatile Dairy System uses 100% recycled water in a system tailor-designed to maximise cooling efficiency for the individual farm. To achieve optimum cooling, the flow ratio of water to milk are not normally achievable with existing water supplies but the Versatile Dairy System overcomes this problem. Consisting of an optimised plate cooler, pump and water supply, the Versatile Dairy System appears simple but the know-how behind it is not easily replicated. The result is optimum energy savings, faster milk cooling with the added benefit of further reducing the milk total bacterial count (TBC).

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