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Vertical Fish Egg Incubation System


Vertical incubation system consisting of 4, 8 or 16-tray modules fitted with independent water inlets, providing optimum rearing conditions for the embryonic development of fish eggs. Very compact, allowing for the incubation of large egg volumes in limited areas with little effort. Drawers are fitted with egg screens mounted on trays, facilitating their removal and cleansing. Built in inert and robust materials. Based on the principle of vertical flow, facilitating the descent of yolk-sac larvae into the incubation tray and minimizing mechanical damage during the incubation process.

Materials: aluminium, stainless steel, UV resistant polypropylene, PVC-coated polyester. Water flow requirements:  min 2 L / min, depending on configuration. Incubation capacity and dimensions (length, width and height):

  • 4 tray module: 50,000 eggs (60 x 64 x 44 cm); reference price 2.035 €      
  • 8 tray module: 100,000 eggs (60 x 64 x 83 cm); reference price 2.995 €  
  • 16 tray module: 200,000 eggs (60 x 64 x 166 cm); reference price 4.745 €

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